More than 600 civic and community leaders from across Nashville gathered as part of Bone McAllester Norton’s 18th Annual MLK Day Fellowship Breakfast on Monday, January 21, at the new Tennessee State Museum. The Fellowship Breakfast has become a centerpiece in Nashville’s annual remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and today was no exception.

Mayor David Briley, Ernest “Rip” Patton (one of the original Freedom Riders), Stacey Garrett Koju and Charles W. Bone, the firm's co-founders, were among the featured speakers. Aside from the speakers, this year’s event also served as the premiere screening of a new short film, titled Perspectives. The film was commissioned by Bone McAllester Norton in collaboration with Centric Screenworks, a Centric Entertainment Group company, and featured Nashville youth and their perspectives on privilege, prejudice and human dignity in today’s society.

The law firm also celebrated its recent success in helping Cyntoia Brown win her bid for clemency by sharing some of her thoughts about the present-day importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the importance of really listening to young people. The full text of her message shared this morning can be seen locally in The Tennessean and nationally in USA Today.

Premiere screening of Perspectives at this year's MLK Fellowship Breakfast

Charles W. Bone and Ernest Charles W. Bone and Ernest "Rip" PattonStacey Garrett Koju & James Lowe
Stacey Garrett Koju and James Lowe

Charles Robert BoneCharles Robert Bone

William Hankins & Larry Beckwith & Stacey Garrett Koju
William Hankins, Larry Beckwith and Stacey Garrett Koju

Mayor David BrileyMayor David Briley

Willa Stansell & Ammon Turner & Mariene AbskharaunWilla Stansell & Ammon Turner & Mariene Abskharaun Charles W Bone
 Charles W. Bone