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At Bone McAllester Norton, we are committed to treating all people with whom we have contact—clients, employees, adversaries, the public, and each other—with the highest level of dignity, civility, and respect.

Diversity is intrinsic in our professional and ethical belief system. We believe diversity and inclusion are the necessary foundations for creating a legal team who seeks to understand the clients’ needs, provides the highest quality legal representation, and creates a balanced work environment that enhances the firm as a whole. We firmly believe that through different ethnicities, races, religions, cultures, backgrounds and experiences, we are able to grow as a firm and maximize our abilities to serve our clients.

We strive to be a firm that demonstrates the necessity of diversity in our work places and communities. Every year we host our Annual Fellowship Breakfast in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The event gathers community members and leaders together to reflect upon the life and legacy of Dr. King. In addition, our attorneys and staff actively seek opportunities to serve and be involved with nonprofits, organizations, and schools that uphold our values on diversity.

Because of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we intentionally recruit top candidates from diverse walks of life as attorneys, staff members, and interns. At Bonelaw, diversity is about more than satisfying any specific criteria, it is about reflecting and better representing our clients and communities. 

We take immense pride in our firm's commitment to diversity.

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