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Bone McAllester Norton is proud to be an active member of its international alliance TAGLaw. TAGLaw is comprised of more than 160 leading independent law firms providing trusted legal services to clients in more than 90 countries, including the Fortune 5000, leading small to mid-sized companies, and high net worth individuals. With expertise in dozens of practice areas and countless industry sectors, TAGLaw offers significant capabilities to its members’ clients. Since 2013 when Chambers & Partners began ranking legal networks and alliances, TAGLaw has consistently received the distinguished recognition of “Elite” —the highest ranking awarded to legal networks. When Bone McAllester clients need legal advice outside of Tennessee or the United States, they can quickly draw on the vast network and experience of other TAGLaw law firms, which are of a similar caliber. Our experience in working with other TAGLaw firms has been seamless and phenomenal. They routinely treat our clients as their own and provide the same level of service as we would, ourselves. Through TAGLaw, Bone McAllester Norton is ready to serve clients with local experts, regardless of where their business goals and legal challenges may take them. Learn more at www.TAGAlliances.com,

TagLaw - A World Alliance of independent Law Firms

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