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Alcoholic Beverage Group Provides Update on New Liquor Laws

Distilleries: The legislature allowed distilleries to charge for tours and tastings conducted in connection with tours.  Previously, no charge could be required for tastings, which prevented distilleries from requiring patrons to attend a paid tour in order to participate in tastings.  The legislature also authorized distilleries to provide samples for marketing purposes, after all taxes have been paid, and tweaked the location restrictions.

Collector License: The legislature created a new license for collectors of commemorative bottles that contain alcoholic beverages.  Readers may recall the seizure of collectable Jack Daniels bottles a few years ago, which drew national attention when it appeared that the seized inventory would be destroyed.  The new collector license legalizes the practice that led to the seizure.

Transportation: The laws concerning the amounts of alcohol one can legally transport through dry and other counties were modified to uniformly legalize transportation of less than five gallons of alcoholic beverages or wine for personal or household use.  Previously, the amounts varied and were arguably in conflict.

Lakewood: The legislature passed a technical correction that allows liquor stores licensed within the area formerly known as Lakewood to be issued renewal licenses and to stay in business.
Premier Tourist Resorts Gain Liquor Licenses
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