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It Takes only one Expletive in a Tweet to Lose your Job

Chrysler did exactly what it should have done: immediately terminated its relationship with its social media agency New Media Strategies after the agency used the F-Bomb in a tweet on Chrysler's behalf.  Here's the tweet (with my redactions): "“I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f****** drive.”  Even more ironic is that Eminem (who cusses like a sailor) is Chrysler's new spokesman.  (Props to him for an awesome Superbowl ad!)  Still, this was not exactly the image Chrysler was going for. As reported in Automotive News, the social media agency immediately fired the employee.  And Chrysler is ending its relationship with the agency on account of the tweet.  No surprise here on either move. Michael Humphreys said it best in his Forbes blog: "Twitter is not a private room.  It's not a quiet corner in a public square.  It is THE public square."
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