PodCamp Nashville used to be a best-kept secret.  Not any more. If you're want to find your voice and find your audience, if you want to build your brand and link to potential customers throughout the world, if you want to speak your mind by creating online documentaries or podcasts, or if you want to meet other people interested in your world and your community, sign up.  PodCamp Nashville will be held downtown at Cadillac Ranch on Saturday, March 26.  And it's Free. People from all industries and skill-sets (and I mean All) will be there.  Over 400 have signed up to attend so far.There's no doubt that PodCamp is a chance to network.  I got introduced to PodCamp and its sister, BarCamp (held in the fall), through a friend at work. I've met some incredible Nashvillians in the music, entertainment, marketing, technology and digital fields; made some good friends; and developed some clients.

But more than that, it's a chance to learn from some of the best and brightest in our community.  Where else can you hear all these great luminaries under one roof?  Kate O'Neill will talk about how blogging made her a better leader; Courtenay Rogers will talk about "The Power of Digital Stalking," (she says we all do it); Jake Jorgovan will discuss "How to Effectively Utilize YouTube."  And I'm excited to hear Raj Menon talk about how to launch a podcast.

I can't wait to hear David Corrigan explain how to "Mak[e] your Mobile App idea a Reality."  I came up with about 20 ideas the other day on my drive into work (I'm sure 15 of them have already been invented), but I'm eager to hear what to do the next time creativity hits!

As one of the only lawyers speaking that day, I'll be leading a session with marketing guru Taylor Vick.  She and I are teaming up to talk about how businesses can accomplish their marketing goals through social media without running into trouble.  When clients come to me with a crisis involving online communications, it often takes a tag-team approach between legal solutions and SEO know-how.  Taylor and I will use some specific case-studies to frame our discussion, highlight the issues that can help businesses and bloggers avoid liability, and give some pointers along the way.  Quoting Shakespeare, we titled our session: "Kill All the Lawyers: The Legal & Marketing Aspects of Using Social Media."  We'd love to have you join us and add to the conversation.

Spread the word.  And sign up!