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Bonelaw’s Liquor Team Helps Nashville International Airport Enhance Guest Experience

Bone McAllester Norton’s Alcoholic Beverage Law team has worked with the Nashville International Airport on all of its liquor licensing needs and recently obtained an airport-wide license, which allows passengers to purchase adult beverages and enjoy them throughout the airport.

“When we began this project, we asked, ‘Why should alcohol be contained to restaurants and bars off the concourse?’” said Will Cheek, who leads the firm’s alcohol practice. “State law describes the license as being the ‘terminal building.’  It took about a year of discussions with licensing authorities, but in the end, we licensed the concourses, and customers can now carry alcohol to their gate or a quiet table or sip while shopping.”

Only a few other airports offer this amenity, so Nashville’s airport may be on the verge of setting a trend. This experience allows travelers to purchase up to two drinks in any restaurant, bar or lounge and take the drinks with them throughout the concourses in the terminal. Assistant Director of Properties Rebecca Ramsey says this gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy all of the other amenities at the airport while they wait for their flight.

CNN recently covered this story, which is now showing on CNN Airport Channels across the country. Click here to view it.









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Will Cheek discusses unpaid fees for liquor licenses with Channel 5

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Many bar owners in Nashville are receiving a letter in the mail from the Davidson County Clerk's office. The letter states they owe unpaid fees for their liquor license.

"It's just shy of $4,000, no real explanation as to why we did not receive a bill the previous year. Just hey, pay us for three years," explained Andrew Brace, manager of Hooters in downtown Nashville. Brace received the letter dated March 2, 2012 last week and contacted his corporate office about the fee of $3600 that was listed on the letter.  "It appears from reading the letter that we missed something, or we did something wrong. That's not the case." Brace said.
Bars in Nashville are required to pay an annual tax, which is described as a liquor license. "It looks like the county clerk failed to notice out this tax for several years and what they're doing is they're trying to play catch up," said attorney William Cheek. Cheek represents several bar owners who have received the letter from the clerk's office. "We've been telling people, hold off on paying it, see if the city can work this out because we don't think they can charge for multiply years at once," Cheek said.
Cheek noticed this might become a problem a year ago. "So I called down to the county clerk's office and speak to a nice person down there who says our computer's broken and we haven't been able to print the letters out, so they haven't been going out," he said. Cheek questioned the validity of the letter request payment for back taxes."Metro didn't send out tax notices and to me that means they made the decision not to charge the tax," Cheek added.

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