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  • Bone McAllester Norton’s Civil Rights Law attorneys offer a wide array of legal services to clients in Nashville and Sumner and Williamson counties. Services include lawsuits and investigations into labor and employment discrimination, housing and land use discrimination, and education discrimination including Title IX and Title VII, as well as compliance guidance and internal investigations.

    The team of civil rights attorneys includes, among others, a former mayor of Nashville, a former ACLU attorney, a former assistant public defender and a veteran trial attorney with the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division who served as the white collar chief and civil rights officer for the United States Attorney's Office in the Middle District of Tennessee. Their varied backgrounds include litigation, dispute resolution, civil and criminal trials, Title IX and Title VII cases, law enforcement accountability and police brutality lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and constitutional rights.

    Practicing attorneys include: Charles W. Bone, C. David Briley, Kee Bryant-McCormick, James A. Crumlin Jr., Mandy Strickland Floyd, William J. (Paz) Haynes, III , Samuel L. (Sam) Jackson, Stacey Garrett Koju, Henry C. Leventis.

    Labor and Employment Discrimination

    Our civil rights attorneys represent individuals who have suffered discrimination in the workplace on any basis protected under the law. This includes adverse employment actions, harassment based on an employee’s sex or race, and unlawful retaliation. We represent clients at all stages of a complaint, including counseling them on their rights, employer negotiations, navigating the administrative process and court litigation.

    Housing and Land Use Discrimination

    We also represent individuals and classes of individuals who have been discriminated against in housing sales, securing rental properties, and land use matters by property management companies, real estate professionals, landlords, developers and local governments. This includes discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Law Enforcement Accountability

    In the area of law enforcement accountability, our attorneys represent individuals who have been subjected to acts of excessive force or brutality, unlawful searches or arrests, abuse or neglect while in custody, or sexual abuse by law enforcement officers or private contractors working on behalf of the government.

    Compliance Guidance and Internal Investigations

    In addition to representing individuals, our attorneys counsel organizations, including school districts, colleges, universities, local and state law enforcement, and government contractors, on civil rights compliance matters and conduct internal investigations on their behalf.

    Other Services Include:

    • Education discrimination matters of Title IX and Title VII
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